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About us:
We are Agricultural and Horticultural Farm specializing generally in plantation of a dessert strawberry
for export purposes (1st class) in mass capacity. We have experience on the market because our business dates back to the 80's of the previous century. The farm "Łątka" can be proud of the latest rain-barrels, which guarantee the highest quality of growing fruits during draught. We are also equipped with fast-cooling tunnel which enables for longer durability of crops. Thanks to spacious and modern coolers we are able to store our products in appropriate conditions without waste of quality.
We are also producing grain such as: feeding corn, wheat or rape. General area of farming is about 2000ha. Seasonally we produce onion, about 5000tons per month, depending on the tide of the market. The area of particular growings is changeable due to the crop rotation and situation on the market.
The farm "Łątka" is still investing in state-of-the-art machinery park which ensures lower costs of production preserving the highest efficiency at the same time.

Our best features:
- long-term experience in strawberry production and export to eastern markets and to Scandinavian countries.
- modern coolers and fast-cooling tunnel that enables for high-quality products
- possibility of wide area hydration
- grain hoister with dryer and offtake/expenditure point with capacity of 11 thousand tons
- automatic storing of onion
- competitive prices

Agricultural, Horticultural and Nursery Farm "ŁĄTKA", Buszkowo 45, 86-010 Koronowo, phone./ fax +48 52 382 33 23

Our prizes:
our prizesour prizesour prizesour prizes
- Farmer of the Year 2003 in the category:
Horticulture and Nursery
- Grand Prix Agro-tech 2003 in category: Horticulture
- Gold medal KWO Polagra 2003
- distinction prize The Farmer of the Year 2000
- Gold medal in KWO Polagra 2001
- Gold medal in KWO Polagra 2000
- Special distinction prize AGRO-TECH 2000

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