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WE OFFER the dessert strawberry:
- 1st CLASS
- unit package of 500g, packed in 5kg collective packages.
- Big fruits
- mass capacity (TIR)
- personal collection from the manufacturer
- 100% prepayment or 100% cash on delivery
- available since 1st June to 10th July

You can obtain additional information
through the e-mail biuro@truskawki.eu
Offer4 submission, phone number 605 30 40 50

Strawberry production is increasing all over the world nowadays. According to the statistics led by FAO in 2009 the production reached about 3,8 million tons. The biggest producer of strawberry are United States of America with the result of 1,1-1,3 million tons in last few years. Polish production of strawberry amounts to 170-340 thousand tons. Pursuant to information received from Central Statistical Office in years 2002-2010 the area of strawberry plantation decreased by 12% and amounted to 33,6 thousand ha, which was 0,3% of plantation. It means that the potential of strawberry production in Poland is still decreasing.

Agricultural, Horticultural and Nursery Farm "ŁĄTKA", Buszkowo 45, 86-010 Koronowo, phone./ fax +48 52 382 33 23

Our prizes:
our prizesour prizesour prizesour prizes
- Farmer of the Year 2003 in the category:
Horticulture and Nursery
- Grand Prix Agro-tech 2003 in category: Horticulture
- Gold medal KWO Polagra 2003
- distinction prize The Farmer of the Year 2000
- Gold medal in KWO Polagra 2001
- Gold medal in KWO Polagra 2000
- Special distinction prize AGRO-TECH 2000

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