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We are one of bigger agricultural producers of wheat.
We produce wheat on our plantations amounting to 2 thousand ha.

Apart from wheat we also produce:
- corn
- rape

Due to huge modern warehouses we are able to store our products in excellent conditions without loss of its quality. Likewise, we have got modern dryer which guarantees the high-quality grain.

the king of grain of Asian origin. There are about twenty kinds of wheat. Except for barley, wheat is one of the oldest grain, planted for at least 6 thousand years. It is at third place (after corn and rice) as the world grain plantation is concerned. The typical of wheat is bread wheat.

Because of technological aspect, wheat was divided to 5 quality groups:
E – selective wheat
A – quality wheat
B – bread wheat
K – biscuit wheat
C – other genres (including feed genres)

Agricultural, Horticultural and Nursery Farm "ŁĄTKA", Buszkowo 45, 86-010 Koronowo, phone./ fax +48 52 382 33 23

Our prizes:
our prizesour prizesour prizesour prizes
- Farmer of the Year 2003 in the category:
Horticulture and Nursery
- Grand Prix Agro-tech 2003 in category: Horticulture
- Gold medal KWO Polagra 2003
- distinction prize The Farmer of the Year 2000
- Gold medal in KWO Polagra 2001
- Gold medal in KWO Polagra 2000
- Special distinction prize AGRO-TECH 2000

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